Root Canal

Posted in random by krisyee on March 24, 2010

Yesterday I had my first root canal. I’ve had a tooth ache for the last two weeks and I’m not exactly sure what was wrong with my root but I already had a filling on that tooth. Anyways, I’ve heard stories of people getting root canals saying it hurts and everything but I hardly felt a thing. I was so numb I couldn’t even feel my own lip. A little more than halfway through the procedure the doctor needed to take a couple x-rays and wait for something to dry. While he was doing that he went to check on another patient, so of course I took a picture of myself with the instruments in my mouth. Lol

First off, they put those glasses on me because the light was shining down the whole time. You can’t see it, but there’s this thing in my mouth that lets me rest my teeth on it so that I don’t strain myself trying to keep my mouth open that long. And that green thingie is crazy. It kept the tooth that they were working on separated from the other teeth! How it stayed in my mouth, I have no clue. But hope you got a giggle out of this! Lol


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  1. enveus said, on March 30, 2010 at 10:38 am

    cool shades to accessorize the moment haha

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