Presenting: AVA DOMINA

Posted in brands, events by krisyee on February 26, 2010

Like I said before, I’ve been helping out with a new women’s line and it’s almost time for it to launch. Ava Domina gives us a fresh new take on women’s street wear and we’re excited for it’s launch next month. Come out and celebrate our 2010 Spring line on March 12th at Azul. The first 30 guests will receive gift bags filled with goodies!

And just for a reference, it’s pronounced: aah-va dough-mee-na


Skype x Verizon Wireless

Posted in electronics, vzdub by krisyee on February 25, 2010

Looks like Skype has teamed up with VZW to bring you Skype mobile on all Verizon Blackberry phones and Android phones. Woohoo!

Find out more info HERE.

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93′ til Hoodie

Posted in fashion by krisyee on February 25, 2010

Last month Adapt brought you the 93 til’ tee. This month they bring you the 93′ til hoodie. The tee will be re-released and both the hoodie and tee will ship out March 5.

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Posted in jams by krisyee on February 24, 2010


I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE acoustics. I’d be the girl that would buy the Dashboard Confessionals Stripped cd (okay, I was that girl that bought that cd…but I haven’t listened to it in a very long time. In fact, I don’t know where it is).

Enjoy Bay Area local artist, Gabe Bondoc.

Tiffany Eugenio from Canada (thanks to Abi for this one)

Just because he’s cute with short hair…not so much with long hair. Justin Nozuka.

Nothing beats Alica Keys…

And my fav song, Maybe Tomorrow [acoustic version] by Stereophonics w/ Kelly Jones as lead singer

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The Cutting Edge: Circa 1995

Posted in random by krisyee on February 23, 2010

In the spirit of the Winter Olympics…

and because I just watched the ice dance competition…

I think this routine was to Kiss From A Rose by Seal. LOL

Aaah…there’s more pictures where that came from…hahahah But I’ll be honest, I miss that shit!

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Posted in word by krisyee on February 22, 2010

Thanks to BFFIHK.

“Treat your friends like you do your best pictures; place them in the best light.” -Unknown

Trusting people is one of the most difficult things to do. Sometimes we suspect others because we’re measuring them against past relationships. Other times it’s because we’re projecting our own weaknesses onto them (as previously discussed in this post).

While you can’t ever be certain someone won’t abuse your trust, the only way to have a strong friendship is to take that risk and believe the best in someone. Everyone has some beauty, and everyone deserves to have it seen–most of all, the people you love. Which friends might you need to place in a better light today?

Got Me.

Posted in bargain buys, shoes by krisyee on February 21, 2010

I went looking for combat boots for a photoshoot that Abi and I were styling. We weren’t looking for anything fancy or expensive but everywhere I went, they didn’t have them. The day of the shoot I headed over to H&M in Emeryville which of course, didn’t have them. I walked by Steve Madden and I swear I did like three double takes and walked by 3 times, debating on whether or not I should go in. I figured those shoes would be too expensive for the shoot but I walked in and found some boots for $40. DOPE! But of course…the sales clerk tells me there’s a sale going on. Buy one get the second half off. UGH. I was already going to keep the boots for myself after the shoot so why not buy another pair I wanted? I already knew which ones I wanted and luckily those were on sale too! So I got a pair of Oxford shoes and boots for about $70!. After that I headed to Claire’s to get some cheap hoop earrings for the shoot. I was trying to decide which ones to get when the lady tells me if I buy them both I can pick a third pair for free…WTF. FINE. THESE DAMN SALES GET ME EVERY TIME!!

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Vegas: MAGIC Day 2

Posted in events, vegas by krisyee on February 20, 2010

Day 2. I didn’t take too many pictures on day 2. Hardly any on day 3. So here are just some pics from the last two days. Thanks to everyone who came out to The West Coast Conference! And thanks to the other brands in the building; Breezy Excursion, Booger Kids, Cukui, Bloodbath, and Heist & Co.!

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Vegas: MAGIC Day 1

Posted in events by krisyee on February 19, 2010

After the first night of being the only girl and walkin the strip in heels, I couldn’t wait for Abi to meet me later that night. So in the mean time I hung out at the first day of Magic. Had to say what’s up to our homie over at Fully Laced. John’s seriously killin it. Make sure you check out his gear.

Mike and Flip with John Salley.

With the Adapt x Hiero tee being a success, it was only appropriate to take a photo with Del.

The only time I can ever catch up with Mikey because he’s always so busy.

Ladies of HellzLawn and Brittney.

Every time I come to Vegas I have dinner with my cousin and her fam. My little cousins are getting so big!

I’ve never been in the M&M store…I freakin LOVED it.

Finally met up with Gail and Abi! We headed over to the new club Vanity in Hard Rock. We asked for a double shot and this is what we got…

Our Perfect Studio pose…lol

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Vegas: Day 1

Posted in Uncategorized by krisyee on February 19, 2010

So I headed to Vegas for MAGIC again. I went to help with Adapt but also to represent a new line coming out (I’ll keep you posted). The night I got in I went out with some of the Breezy, Booger, and Gold Coin boys. We seriously just walked the strip and played beer pong. Yea, I said it. Beer pong in a Vegas casino. Take into consideration that we had no clue where we wanted to go so we walked from MGM all the way to the other side of the strip. Doesn’t seem too far but it SUCKS when you’re wearing heels. At least I got to walk by the new City Center.

Gucci and LV…the only two designer bags I want in my lifetime…for now.

Space @ The Space Station Entrance.