Vegas: MAGIC Day 1

Posted in events by krisyee on February 19, 2010

After the first night of being the only girl and walkin the strip in heels, I couldn’t wait for Abi to meet me later that night. So in the mean time I hung out at the first day of Magic. Had to say what’s up to our homie over at Fully Laced. John’s seriously killin it. Make sure you check out his gear.

Mike and Flip with John Salley.

With the Adapt x Hiero tee being a success, it was only appropriate to take a photo with Del.

The only time I can ever catch up with Mikey because he’s always so busy.

Ladies of HellzLawn and Brittney.

Every time I come to Vegas I have dinner with my cousin and her fam. My little cousins are getting so big!

I’ve never been in the M&M store…I freakin LOVED it.

Finally met up with Gail and Abi! We headed over to the new club Vanity in Hard Rock. We asked for a double shot and this is what we got…

Our Perfect Studio pose…lol

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Vegas: Day 1

Posted in Uncategorized by krisyee on February 19, 2010

So I headed to Vegas for MAGIC again. I went to help with Adapt but also to represent a new line coming out (I’ll keep you posted). The night I got in I went out with some of the Breezy, Booger, and Gold Coin boys. We seriously just walked the strip and played beer pong. Yea, I said it. Beer pong in a Vegas casino. Take into consideration that we had no clue where we wanted to go so we walked from MGM all the way to the other side of the strip. Doesn’t seem too far but it SUCKS when you’re wearing heels. At least I got to walk by the new City Center.

Gucci and LV…the only two designer bags I want in my lifetime…for now.

Space @ The Space Station Entrance.