Skype Mobile

Posted in electronics, technology by krisyee on March 26, 2010

Last month I wrote a post announcing that Verizon teamed up with Skype to create Skype Mobile. After a month of waiting, the application finally launched yesterday. It allows you to do everything Skype does except for the video chat of course. But with this application you can do instant messaging, call other Skype users from your phone at no additional cost (even if they’re international), and even call land lines using money you have on your Skype account.

I decided to download it and give it a try. Instant messaging was no problem of course, but then I tried calling BFFiHK (who of course is in Hong Kong…in case you didn’t get that. Lol). When I asked him how the sound quality was when I called him he said “perfectly clear, but very digital”. To be honest I was a little surprised at his response. I know some people were thinking that it wasn’t going to be very clear and that the sound quality wasn’t going to be up to par, but I think this app is definitely an easy way to call internationally at no additional cost. Yea you can do that from Skype on your computer, but this is MOBILE. Use it anywhere you are.

Unfortunately this app’s only available for Verizon Blackberry and Android phones. If you’re lookin to switch over, holla at me! Lol


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