Do You Remember: The Canuckmobile?

Posted in do you remember, random by krisyee on June 3, 2011

If you’re from Vancouver…I’m sure you’re a Canucks fan. I however, am not. Growing up in the Bay Area and having a brother that plays hockey, I’m a Sharks fan. Although I’ll admit, I’m not a die hard fan…only because I can NEVER see where the puck is when watching a game on TV. But being a former figure skater (not really…I was like…12)…I definitely respect any sport on skates. 🙂 Haha ANYWAYS…if you’re from Vancouver you might remember the Canuckmobile back in 1994. Yea, that was my cousin and his friend that created it. Looks like my Uncle’s trying to recreate the Canuckmobile since they’re in the Stanley Cup Finals.

You can read the article HERE.


I may  not be a Canucks fan, but I love my family in Vancouver! Lol


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