Random Rant: Man Up.

Posted in random, rants by krisyee on November 6, 2012

After class tonight I headed over to the bar across the street from my apartment. A couple of my “old” coworkers were there so I wanted to stop by and say “hi”. While I was catching up with one of them I asked how him and his girlfriend were. First off let me tell you that this guy can be a total ass sometimes and in his words, he’s an asshole. But with that said, he was telling me that him and his girlfriend were moving back in together. They lived together before and unfortunately broke up after feeling too “comfortable”. He opened up to me and confessed that he realized he was wrong and they eventually got back together. After telling me they were moving in again he couldn’t help but talk so highly of her. He proclaimed his love for her and expressed how great she was. A year ago when they first broke up, he wouldn’t have expressed those kind of feelings for her. To my surprise he was finally manning up. He was saying how strong they were and how he knew that even if they got pregnant by accident they would find a way to make it work. He was that confident in their relationship.

It got me thinking about guys manning up to their feelings and expressing how they feel for someone. I know a lot of guys that are scared of relationships, scared of commitments and just afraid to open up to someone in general. Don’t get me wrong, I know a lot of girls scared of those things too. But you mainly see it in guys. If you love someone, care about them and have feelings for them, why wouldn’t you want to express your feelings for them? The risk of getting hurt is always going to be there. So if you care for them that much isn’t it worth the risk? In my opinion my old coworker put his ego aside. He admitted he was scared but realized she was worth the risk.

I know it’s always easier said than done, but whether you’re a girl or a guy, man up and tell the person you love how you feel.


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