Mid Year Review

Posted in random by krisyee on August 10, 2014

More like mid year plus two months…

I really wanted to post more this year since I’ve been slowing down the past couple of years. But this year has been super busy. At the end of last year I left my job of 7 (or was it 8?) years and took a job at a bank in the financial district. Something new, something different, at a bank I never thought I would work at. But so far it’s been good and it’s definitely a learning experience. There’s still a big part of me that wishes I was in something more creative. But what exactly? I’m still working on that, but I’m still into the same things. Photography, fashion, anything where I get to be creative where my end product is something physical to show. I decided to take a fashion illustration class last semester. That was pretty fun and satisfied my creative cravings, but since then I’ve still been having trouble finding a way to let it out.

Hopefully I figure it out soon. Seems like that’s a constant struggle for me.

I’ve been reading more. I have time on Muni so I started reading some books. I FINALLY read the rest of the Hunger Games books. I picked up a couple of motivational books to help release my creative side. And then of course there were the motivational business books like #GirlBoss and Lean In. I have to say I enjoyed them. For the longest time I thought about starting my own business. But since I have the issue of what I have a passion for, it’s kind of hard to pick what kind of business I want to own.

I think it’s slowly but surely coming along…or will come along eventually.

Welp, I’ll update the blog with some of the year’s events later…hopefully.

Mid year review to be continued…


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