Warriors vs. Lakers

Posted in Uncategorized by krisyee on March 25, 2008

So I went to a Warriors game for the first time in a couple years. And technically it was only the second NBA game I’ve ever been to…that I know of. Anyways, my friend Brad was able to get me tickets through his friend that’s a season ticket holder. Got pretty damn lucky with them though cause originally his friend already had a buyer but they backed out. Sucks for them! Haha So I asked Mike if he wanted to go considering he’s a Laker’s fan. Boooo!
We stopped by Walmart and ended up walking by this…poor bird! It’s flat like a pancake 😦

Seats were pretty damn good.


The score at half time and a very excited fan. Haha

Baron and Monta!!! Yay!!

Again, I love percussion.

This picture reminds me of the Nintendo game Double Dribble…

The crowd was yelling “BEAT LA!!!” and it reminded me of being at a Giants vs. Dodgers game. Haha

And then the excitement.

I was getting all antsy and wanted to stand the whole time.

Ugh…pretty much the final score…

This is what we went to Walmart for. Mike wanted to get one of those blow horns to celebrate. Haha

BOOOOOOOOOO LAAAAKERS!!!!!!! But thanks for the jersey! Haha

Fun night.

At least we won the night before…

So the Warriors are playing the Mavericks on Sunday. Anyone down to go? It’s my birthday!!

So here’s the question. Warriors game? or BBQ?



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