How to Bag Em’

Posted in Uncategorized by krisyee on June 5, 2008

So I was checking stuff online and I ended up on the Complex website. I was browsing around and found this…

How To Bag A Sex And The City Fan

NYC has been flooded with women who emulate this HBO drama. Follow our guide to the species if you want to get lucky.

Every year since Sex And The City‘s 1998 debut, millions of impressionable young women have moved to New York City with dreams of being like their hero, Carrie Bradshaw. You might have seen them, frolicking around Manhattan in wildly impractical high-heels, squawking with their pack of like-minded girlfriends about men and fashion. And with the recent release of the big-screen spin-off, it’s become clear to us that these women aren’t going anywhere. So how does one seduce an attractive chick who lives in this glamorous urban fantasy world? Follow our advice and you will be having sex (wait for it) in the city.

They tell you where to find them, how to spot them, attract them, etc…
To find out more check it out here at


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