July 11th part 2

Posted in Uncategorized by krisyee on July 13, 2008

I headed down to 3rd Ave in San Mateo to meet up some of the boys. There was a girl standing outside this optometrist passing out free samples of frozen yogurt. Not only did it look really nice inside, but they also sold frozen yogurt! I was reading a review on and I guess they give free fro-yo to customers that come in for appointments so they can eat it while they wait. I should start going there for my check ups. Haha

Later that day I headed downtown with the parents to have dinner with some family visiting from Canada.

I love the city.

My uncle made a reservation at R&G; Lounge on Kearny in Chinatown. I’ve always drive by this place and it always seems like they have a line out the door. I found out that it’s a pretty high end Chinese restaurant. My uncle ordered a ten course meal that was well over $400.

The crab was SO good. I usually don’t order crab but if it’s front of me of course I’ll eat it. I believe this restaurant is an equivalent to Thanh Long which is another restaurant on Judah St., known for the crab and garlic noodles.

Me and little cousin Ella eating our buns.

I was looking at the buildings outside and i saw this building with these statues on it. Shit looks scary as hell…why would you ever want that on a building?!

We walked around Chinatown for a bit and my parents brought me to a bakery where my mom just HAD to get a coffee crunch cake. My dad informed me that he used to live in the apartment on top of the bakery when him and my grandparents first moved here. It’s interesting finding out where your parents used to live and imagine how it was for them growing up. Did I mention it was my parents wedding anniversary? Happy anniversary to them!

The next day I headed over to my brother’s old apartment…which is also my neeeeew apartment! Kind of small but I think it’ll be a good size for me.

Just gotta find out how I’m going to fit all my clothes in this tiny closet!!


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