Secret Santa

Posted in Uncategorized by krisyee on December 30, 2008
While everyone was at the Classic Bowl for FranBoogie’s KingPin Bowling Tournament, I was at a Christmas potluck @ my friend’s house. I arranged a kris kringle that night and Augs ended up having me! She got me a Lomography Fisheye camera and a globe ball with a peace symbol on it because I had put “peace on earth” on my wish list. Haha
Unfortunately Tina got a box of coal from her kris kringle. Hahaha
Tracy & Kim
Tracy’s present to Jon was by far the best one of all! She printed a picture of his face and made a cardboard cut out of him. Then she put the shirts she bought him on it as if he was wearing them. Haha

It was about midnight when I left the house and on my way home. But while I was driving I couldn’t decide whether or not I wanted to stop by Classic. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to stop by since I knew some people that were still there. But the event was pretty much done.
Mic had left in the middle of his game, so the boys told me to bowl for him. I hit a spare! I used to be in a middle school league, but I haven’t bowled too much lately. So all my practice is from Wii bowling…