Pocky vs. Yan-Yan

Posted in random by krisyee on January 27, 2010

My girl Regina aka Reg aka RRRRé-Heeeee (roll the R’s) is one of my closest friends in the whole wide world. So close, my mom once introduced her as my “special” friend. And for those of you that don’t know…my mom once called my brother-in-law my sister’s “special” friend. So you get the picture, but it’s not like that. Lol

And since Regina left a comment on my last post to post more often (which by the way I know I haven’t been posting, but I’ve been pretty busy), I’ve decided to dedicate this post to her.

A few years ago we were hanging out and we were probably on the way home from eating when we started a discussion about why Pocky was better than Yan-Yan and vice versa. I was for Pocky because you don’t have to fuss with getting chocolate everywhere OR running out of chocolate! Reg for Yan-Yan because you’re not skimped on chocolate and you can put as much as you want. So we took a poll. While in the car…we started calling all our friends and whoever got to 11 votes first won. Or was it 21 votes? Anyways, something like that.

Well…to be honest Yan-Yan won the votes. BUT it wasn’t the REAL winner. A friend called us back and said that she actually preferred Hello Panda. HELLO PANDA?! Why didn’t we think of that?! HANDS DOWN THE WINNER. No fuss about chocolate or biting into a stick. Just pop it in your mouth and your mouth is filled with chocolate and short bread crackers. YUM.

So we both lose.

(this picture is hella old…)

So which one do you prefer?