MOCHA & miSFits

Posted in adaptclothing, art by krisyee on April 21, 2011

My cousins from Vegas are here for spring break. You know, the little one’s I’ve been talking about and that I always visit when I’m in Vegas? I went to Mason’s third birthday last month when I was visiting for a bachelorette party but forgot to post photos from his birthday. This past Tuesday I met up my cousin and the kids at this place called Mocha (museum of childrens art) in Oakland yesterday. I had never heard of that place before but it seemed like a really cool place to bring kids. They have different stations where they can do arts and crafts. Mackenzie went to every station, decorating a basket, painting, glueing and playing with┬áplay-dough. Mason on the other hand was stuck at the play-dough station almost the whole time.

This little one was so worried about how his hair looked, his mom had to let him face time himself so he could check it.

After lunch I stopped by the Adapt office. Picked up some miSFit stickers on the way out. These die cut stickers are pretty dope and great to stick on a car window or laptop!