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A few of my favorite tracks from Lupe’s newest album.

Das Boot!

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Last Saturday my friend Melissa and I stopped by Suppenküche, a German restaurant, for Black Out Bob aka Jae’s birthday. We had to be in San Jose that night so we didn’t really get to order anything off the menu. But we did get to drink out of a huge glass boot! The boys of course started off with what I believe was a big 3 liter glass. Not sure on the size but they’re so big you have to hold them with two hands and pass it around the table so that everyone can drink from it.

We did however get to taste the potato pancakes which were tasty. The boys ordered things from breaded wiener schnitzel’s to meatloaf and the food looked delicious. You know we had to have a little taste of their food! It’s definitely good and I can’t wait to go back to have a full meal there…along with a das boot!



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I went to eat lunch with my friend Kim yesterday. We headed down the street from my apartment to eat. While walking back to the car we stopped by a corner store named Wishbone. I’ve always seen this place but I’ve never actually walked in. They have cute things from bags, jewelry and umbrellas to books and greeting cards. It’s one of those stores you can go into not looking for anything and walk out with some goodies. Kim and I saw these keychains and couldn’t help but think of our friends…so we got them all! Lol Guess which one I am!

I also bought this dope owl ring.

So if you’re ever in the Sunset District of San Francisco, make sure you check this little store out. You can see what kind of odds & ends they have by visiting their website!

Shredding in Powder

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I like how my friend Mike snuck up on me like a ninja and was recording me. I didn’t realize it until the end of the video, good thing I didn’t randomly stop. This was a day trip on February 26th, definitely one of the best day trips I’ve had in awhile. Since I hit up some black diamonds that day, next time will be progression parks.

Happy.Thank you.More Please.

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First off let me just say that I didn’t mean to sound down or depressed in my “It’s My Fault I’m Single” post. I was just saying. Once in awhile certain things just make you THINK. It probably didn’t help that I was having Vegas withdrawals, which my friend made me realize that being in Vegas can sometimes seem like a fantasy. Especially when you’ve had alcohol in your system. So adjusting back to reality is why I’ve been going crazy the last week. Haha But in the end I’m fine being single…for now. Haha Plus it gives me more time for ME.

ANYWAYS…this past Friday I went out to the movies with Reg and Arthur. Reg and I were browsing to see what movies were out and Reg, being a fan of How I Met Your Mother, turned me onto the movie Happythankyoumoreplease (yes that’s the movie title. just like that). It’s an indie film that was awarded at the Sundance Film Festival last year and was written, directed and starred Josh Radnor (an actor from How I Met Your Mother). We decided to watch it and Arthur met us up at the theater.

I honestly LOVED this movie. Definitely a movie that I think some people can relate to. If you have the time I suggest checking it out. It’s only playing at the Landmark theater in the Embarcadero in the city.

After the movie we hit up a sushi restaurant downtown. I totally forgot the name of the restaurant. But it was pretty good.

The next night I was out with Rach @ The Tipsy Pig & Circa. The Marina gets more interesting every time I go. Lol New Hearts were put up in San Francisco…I really liked this one. Sorry for the horrible photos.

It’s My Fault I’m Single

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Okay, so where do I begin here? Lately I’ve been thinking about relationships and how I’ve managed to feel like the only single one out of my close group of friends. Meaning the ones I just went to Vegas with in my previous post. Out of all those girls, four are engaged, two are living with their boyfriends, leaving me and the bride’s little sister the single ones. I have other friends that are single too, but that doesn’t mean they don’t feel the same way too. Trust me, we’ve discussed this.

I started to think about the type of guys I go for. And while some of my friends think I have a specific type, I have other friends who feel like I don’t have a type at all. Then I have those friends that think I have a type and then I surprise them and go for a guy I don’t usually go for. *Suuurpriiiise!* Even though my “types” seem to vary, I came to a realization that the way I meet guys is all the same. At a club, at a bar or anywhere around alcohol. Obviously something needs to change there or I’m going to go through this cycle over and over. Thank Jamie Foxx for making me realize that. Rach also talks about it here.


But today I read a post called “An Open Letter to the Women Who Are Telling Me It’s My Fault I’m Not Married”. My first reaction was “Shit…IS IT my fault?” (not that I’m trying to be married, but in regards to being in a relationship). I once had a guy tell me that the reason why we didn’t work out was because I wasn’t nurturing enough (which btw, an exbf disagrees and says I was very nurturing, haha). My other friend made me realize I’m picky (which I know isn’t a bad thing). And another friend told me he can’t see me with kids because I’m too selfish and carefree. Really?! Well shit, if it’s my fault, it’s my fault. If I’m picky, I’m picky. I know there’s a fine line to that though. I don’t think I’m so picky I’ll pass something up that could potentially be good, but I don’t want to settle for less and be stuck in a relationship that doesn’t make me happy. Why settle for being content when you know there’s that possibility of happiness?

“Because staying in a bad relationship just because it is heading towards marriage is like putting a plastic bag over your head, and just letting in enough air that you can stay alive.” -Brienne Walsh

There are certain things in the article I don’t necessarily agree with but it’s definitely something to think about. The comments have some good point of views and it’s interesting what single women and single mothers are saying. The author also shares two other articles about single women. Read them. Straight up Sex and the City status.

But the one thing to get from this is don’t feel bad that you’re single. I know we feel like we have some type of time line, but don’t settle for less than what you’re worth.

Because We’re Awesome…

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Our friend that moved to Hawaii is preggos and since we won’t be able to see the baby too often, we decided to get her a mobile with our faces on it so that the baby will recognize her aunts and uncles!

Adapt SS11

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Make sure to check out Adapt’s new look book for SS11. Tee’s will be up on the online store this Friday. Check out all the shirts here.

One of The Most Amazing Weekends EVER.

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Friday afternoon I headed down to Vegas with the ladies for Steph’s bachelorette party. Hands down one of the best times I’ve ever had! But unfortunately I can’t expose everything we did. Haha It was an amazing weekend with bachelorette debauchery (according to Reg), Mason’s 3rd birthday, going to sleep when the sun was rising, being on the plane hungover, and ending the weekend with Meiche’s baby shower.

But first thing’s first, Steph’s bachelorette party. We made Steph shirts that had her face on them. Haha People on the plane actually bought her shots!

And so the night began…

The first stop was reservations at Botero in the Encore. We all got different dishes from scallops, steak, fish and chicken and every single one of the dishes was delicious. I didn’t take photos of the food or the ambiance, but it was a really good restaurant. Plus I’m easily satisfied when it comes to food and a sucker for meat (steak) that melts in your mouth and whipped potatoes, lol.  🙂 We headed downstairs of the Wynn to have some drinks. If you know me, you know I’ve had a thing for Jager bombs lately…this is called a cherry bomb. Cherry vodka and cherry liqueur in Redbull. The vodka and liqueur is suctioned in the cup, so you pull the cup up to release the alcohol. It was pretty good and tasted like cherry cough syrup! Lol

We headed out to Tryst where we used up 18 free drink tickets (thanks to a cool ass promoter) and then we headed out to XS where the night was just getting started…these are all you’re going to see from this night though…Haha

The next day I ended up leaving the girls for a couple hours to head over to my cousin’s 3rd birthday at Chuck E Cheese (always gotta make time for the fam!)…I’ll post that a little later though. It’d be a little awkward seeing all these pictures of girls partying and then you see a little 3 year old boy out of nowhere. Haha That night we got ready early to stop by Queue Bar in the Cosmopolitan. Had a few drinks and headed out to a buffet and show. It was originally a Madonna themed bachelorette party, but we decided to surprise the bride by wearing all black with red bow-ties to act as her groom.

I’ve known her since 1st grade…she hated me…and I hated her. Lol But came out to be one of my closest friends since then.

After the show we headed back to the Cosmopolitan to hit up Marquee. That place is freakin crackin. Too bad the hip hop room was hella packed. Instead we met a crazy girl outside that couldn’t stop telling us how cute we all looked…she did however buy us a round of drinks!

You know it was a successful trip when I had an hour of sleep and ended up looking like this at the airport. Not to mention my make up was still on from the night before…along with my hair.

Congrats to Steph and I can’t wait for your wedding where you will start the next chapter in your life! Great times with the ladies.

Did You Know…

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…That snow flakes really look like the paper cut outs we used to make in elementary school?