Movie Marriage Proposal

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Thanks for the birthday greetings last week everyone! I haven’t had time to blog about it because I was hungover the next day, went to work the day after that and then headed to LA for the weekend. I actually didn’t do much on my birthday but the night before was when I partied. We headed to Sloane Tuesday night for my midnight birthday shot. I don’t know what I was thinking trying to go snowboarding the next day (which btw, didn’t happen)! Thanks to everyone who came out. I realized what great friends and support I have in my life. 🙂




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I went to eat lunch with my friend Kim yesterday. We headed down the street from my apartment to eat. While walking back to the car we stopped by a corner store named Wishbone. I’ve always seen this place but I’ve never actually walked in. They have cute things from bags, jewelry and umbrellas to books and greeting cards. It’s one of those stores you can go into not looking for anything and walk out with some goodies. Kim and I saw these keychains and couldn’t help but think of our friends…so we got them all! Lol Guess which one I am!

I also bought this dope owl ring.

So if you’re ever in the Sunset District of San Francisco, make sure you check this little store out. You can see what kind of odds & ends they have by visiting their website!

It’s My Fault I’m Single

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Okay, so where do I begin here? Lately I’ve been thinking about relationships and how I’ve managed to feel like the only single one out of my close group of friends. Meaning the ones I just went to Vegas with in my previous post. Out of all those girls, four are engaged, two are living with their boyfriends, leaving me and the bride’s little sister the single ones. I have other friends that are single too, but that doesn’t mean they don’t feel the same way too. Trust me, we’ve discussed this.

I started to think about the type of guys I go for. And while some of my friends think I have a specific type, I have other friends who feel like I don’t have a type at all. Then I have those friends that think I have a type and then I surprise them and go for a guy I don’t usually go for. *Suuurpriiiise!* Even though my “types” seem to vary, I came to a realization that the way I meet guys is all the same. At a club, at a bar or anywhere around alcohol. Obviously something needs to change there or I’m going to go through this cycle over and over. Thank Jamie Foxx for making me realize that. Rach also talks about it here.


But today I read a post called “An Open Letter to the Women Who Are Telling Me It’s My Fault I’m Not Married”. My first reaction was “Shit…IS IT my fault?” (not that I’m trying to be married, but in regards to being in a relationship). I once had a guy tell me that the reason why we didn’t work out was because I wasn’t nurturing enough (which btw, an exbf disagrees and says I was very nurturing, haha). My other friend made me realize I’m picky (which I know isn’t a bad thing). And another friend told me he can’t see me with kids because I’m too selfish and carefree. Really?! Well shit, if it’s my fault, it’s my fault. If I’m picky, I’m picky. I know there’s a fine line to that though. I don’t think I’m so picky I’ll pass something up that could potentially be good, but I don’t want to settle for less and be stuck in a relationship that doesn’t make me happy. Why settle for being content when you know there’s that possibility of happiness?

“Because staying in a bad relationship just because it is heading towards marriage is like putting a plastic bag over your head, and just letting in enough air that you can stay alive.” -Brienne Walsh

There are certain things in the article I don’t necessarily agree with but it’s definitely something to think about. The comments have some good point of views and it’s interesting what single women and single mothers are saying. The author also shares two other articles about single women. Read them. Straight up Sex and the City status.

But the one thing to get from this is don’t feel bad that you’re single. I know we feel like we have some type of time line, but don’t settle for less than what you’re worth.

Because We’re Awesome…

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Our friend that moved to Hawaii is preggos and since we won’t be able to see the baby too often, we decided to get her a mobile with our faces on it so that the baby will recognize her aunts and uncles!

Did You Know…

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…That snow flakes really look like the paper cut outs we used to make in elementary school?


The Best of 2010

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A few photos of what made my 2010.


Help Create the Canine Chronicles

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A family friend is teaming up with her sisters to launch a book called the Canine Chronicles: 1900-2000, A Century of History’s Most Notable Dogs!”. But in order to get it started they need our help to fundraise $6500 in 30 days. Check out their site and watch the video to see what the book’s about and how you can help!

Good One.

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We’ve seen his “Teenage Dream” video…now he’s featuring 50 Cent. Watch it.

J-Lo the Anaconda

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It’s not everyday you meet someone with a 11ft pet anaconda named J-Lo. It seemed like the perfect time to show her since tonight’s episode of Glee is on Britney Spears…and who doesn’t think of Britney Spears when they see a huge snake? Along with the real J-Lo in the movie Anaconda.

After 9 years of having her my brother in law is looking to sell her. For more information check out Craigslist.