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So for the longest time I’ve been wanting to move my blog. I was supposed to be moved last month but I was still learning how to use WordPress.

Check out the new blog.

I may post on this one once in awhile. But we’ll see.

Sexy Time Playlist

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I really suck at remembering what songs artists sing and vice versa and if you tell me the name of a song, I most likely won’t remember it unless I actually hear it. So I’m going to need some imput on this one.

I like to make different playlists for my ipod or whatever. For example I have one called “driving music” for when the sun’s out, my shades are on, my car windows are down and the sun roof is open. Basically rangin from Summertime in the LBC by Dove Shack to On a High by Duncan Sheik. Then I have my “chill music” w/ artists like Esthero, Sigur Ros, and Raphael Saadiq. And you can’t forget the high school playlist! (I’m still working on that one…any suggestions let me know!)

For the longest time I’ve been telling my friends I was going to make a “sexy time playlist”. I know it sounds bad, but don’t you ever hear a song and are like “damn, this song is sexy!” or some people like to call it “baby making music”. Everytime I hear a song like that I think “I should make a sexy time playlist!”. So here I go.

This is what I have so far.

  • Freak Me-Silk
  • Red Light Special-TLC
  • So Anxious-Ginuwine
  • Bump and Grind-R.Kelly
  • Come Over-Aaliyah
  • Freakin’ You-Jodeci
  • Stroke You Up-Changing Faces
  • Bed-J.Holiday
  • Say Yes-Floetry
  • Anywhere-112
  • Feenin’-Jodeci
  • Makin Good Love-Avant
  • Nobody-Keith Sweat
  • Knockin Da Boots-H-Town
  • Falsetto-The Dream
  • Anytime Anyplace-Janet Jackson

There are a couple that I’m not too sure about. But tell me what you think and give me some suggestions on what I should add!

Thanks to Marc for helping me remember songs! And Emeraldi…but you gave me too many lovey dovey songs that I just had to reject. Haha

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