This One Time, @ Band Camp…

Posted in just for kicks by krisyee on March 18, 2009

So my friend on Facebook decided to post these pictures of us from high school…

That’s right, I was in band! I was in percussion, marching band, and symphonic band in high school. First year I played the xylophone and then I eventually got tricked by my parents to play the french horn. Don’t ask how…I really don’t know how I got talked into it.

I’m the one muggin with the dark ass lipstick. Top row, third to the left.


Eventually I went back to auxiliaries and was a letter girl! Lol I’m on the bottom second to the right next to the “W”. Oh man…one day I’ll show you my colorguard video…haha.


I have to say my parents making me do band was a pretty good exeperience though. It sucks that the music programs in schools aren’t as good anymore.

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Posted in random by krisyee on March 18, 2009

Ok, I think I’m officially moved to WordPress. I’m still learning how to use it but I think I’m getting the jist of it. Took me a damn month! Any tips or suggestions, let me know!

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Saint Patty’s Day

Posted in food, fun by krisyee on March 18, 2009

Yesterday I grabbed some dim sum with Pat. He’s on break from school and decided to come home to see everyone. I swear when we order dim sum, it always feels like we’re ordering way too much! Dim sum can do that to you. You end up wanting everything! Har gow, sui mai, and all the other stuff that I don’t know how to say…lol. But just for your information, I am not a fan of chicken feet!

Just a few of our dishes. We still had a regular dish coming and then a dim sum dish.


We did pretty good though. Such heffers…


Har gow…or haw gow…how ever you spell it!…one of my favs…and apparently Pat’s!


Later that night I got a text from Alex saying he was at Underdogs. I rolled by for a second to meet up with him since I never see that guy anymore. While him and his friends rolled to 330 Ritch I headed out to KoKo’s for Muri’s birthday.


Apparently she really didn’t want to take a shot of Jameson. I swear everyone’s on some Jameson hype!




Ran into some folks like J-Billion and even Trung from Set4Life Ent. Gemma was out with Lito and Marcus before hand and rolled out with them too.

I head to Vegas for my birthday next weekend…I need to build up my tolerance!

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