iPhone4 vs. HTC Evo

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Do Actions Always Speak Louder Than Words?

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*Sorry if I’m rambling…but it’s been on my mind and I’ve had some alcohol in my system.*

We all know the saying “actions speak louder that words”. And I’ve been in relationships where I waited for the actions to catch up to the words, yet the words just happened to be nothing but words and the actions never led me to believe otherwise. Now the tables have turned. While actions are showing me one thing, the words have yet to be said. And to be honest, no words have been said. I’m starting to believe there has to be some type of balance. A balance between the actions that are being done and the words that are or need to be said. I’m not asking for the three little words, but more of an understanding of one’s feelings. How is it that you have someone by your side but at times, you still feel alone?

Please let me know if I’m talking nonsense.


Work with AVA DOMINA

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Bay Area womens streetwear brand, Ava Domina is looking for an intern!
  • If you upkeep your own blog or have a substantial online presence
  • If you are fashion conscious and are aware of the current female
  • If you are knowledgeable of the various social networks:
    (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc.)
  • If you have adequate writing ability
Then we want you! As the face of the brand, you will be responsible
for blogging at least five times a week and devoting 5-10 hours a week
towards the company, at times assisting the chief of operations in side
projects when needed. In return, you will receive college credit, free
clothing, exposure, and most importantly – experience in the fashion
For serious prospects only, please fill out the application below and email along with your name, age, blog url (if applicable),
location (local a plus!), and number to contact you at. Thank you for your
interest in Ava Domina and good luck!
What makes an ideal intern?
What are 3 keys to having a successful blog?
To you, who is a prime representative of what Ava Domina stands for and
Pick an item from the Love and War line, tell (or show) us how you would
style it, and where you’d wear the outfit to.
Pocky or Yan-Yan?

Entourage Season 7 Trailer

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I first got introduced to Entourage when my brother decided to buy me the first two seasons for Christmas. After that I was hooked. BUT…I don’t have HBO and I don’t like watching stuff online. So I only watch the seasons when it comes out on DVD. I just bought season 6 on Tuesday and I already watched the whole season twice. Of course I’m looking forward to season 7…so I may just have to find some way to watch it.

I don’t know why but season 7 seems so DRAMATIC. I guess they had to change it up a bit. Stay tuned for the new season that starts on June 27th!

North Beach Festival

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One thing about living in San Francisco is that there’s always something going on during the weekends! This year we’ve already had the Union Street fair, Haight Street fair, Crawfish festival and now it’s time for the North Beach Festival! Make sure to stop by this FREE event and enjoy the music, food and the sun!

MADE Jewelry’s In4mation x Baby G Giveaway!

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Make sure you hit up the MADE Jewerly site to enter to win one of the new In4mation x Baby G watch! Just leave a comment on their site with your name, email and what your favorite time of day is!

Check it out HERE.

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I haven’t posted in a MONTH! Sorry for the laggin and being MIA. Been super busy at work and lets just say I’ve been preoccupied. Lol

So much to do, so little time…