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DOPE ASS VIDEO that my friend Brandon posted on Facebook.

1500 hours of moving legobricks and take photos of them.”-rymdreglage (youtube)

I believe that Legos are one of the BEST toys EVER.


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Come out and support local artists!



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It’s start of a new week. A busy week to be exact. The new semester starts tomorrow…it’s going to be interesting with these budget cuts going on in California. Along with school starting we’re trying to get ready for Magic next week. Busy times.

I just thought I’d post a couple of these videos of this guy that does slam poetry and spoken word. Check him out, he’s dope. And from the Bay.

AND if you wanna know the Bay slang…

Check more of his videos HERE.


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Holla. We’ll be there.


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Foodie’s Paradise

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This one’s for you Rach. LOL

So my friend on Twitter reposted this. And for those that you don’t know, there’s a creme brulee guy on Twitter that announces where he will be in the city.

Check out this girls YouTube for some other videos.

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VZDub Softball

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VZDub San Mateo had a softball game against VZDub South City (my old location)! And I must say it was FUN. Kind of sucked that I was the only girl that played the whole game! Other than that, I caught a fly ball, hit by the biggest dude on the other team and I had a hit every time I was at bat. Woohoo! By the way, San Mateo won 16-12!!! Woot!



I Know I Can

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I’m still in school. Trying to get my bachelor’s degree…and it’s taking me FOREVER. I could’ve had a masters by now. Or be in med school if I was into that field (which I’m not). But no. I took my time, had my fun trying to figure out what the hell it is I wanted to major in and now I’m paying for it. The CSU system’s going bizerk. Tuition’s rising, classes are getting cut meaning it’s harder to get into classes, teachers are getting pay cuts and people aren’t getting admitted into the schools. Grrrreat time to try to finish school! Other than that I like my major…the creative part of it anyways. Not so sure on the business side. The only reason why I like it is because I can use it in many different industries. My coworker said I should just stay the extra year in school and double major. Which is true…but like I said, NO ONE’S GETTING CLASSES.

I still haven’t found my interest, my niche, my passion. Sure I’m interested in a lot of different things. But that ONE specific thing hasn’t hit me yet…or at least not that I know of.

For YEARS my friend Mike has been trying to get me on my path in life, but considering I don’t know exactly what my passion is, it’s been a little tough. But he’s always been there trying to push me and motivate me. He truly believes that I could do great things even though we don’t know what those things are yet. Haha So every¬† now and then, he’ll send me a note online that I leave on my desktop to look at:

“Hello kris,

what do you want to do with yourself? think about a huge pyramid of interests that are associated with other interests that you like and think about the connections. all the things youre interested in can and will be achieved. you just need to believe that you can do it”

Even the small things he says motivate me more…“gnite have dreams of finding ur passion!”

Love it.

I KNOW I can do it. I just have to figure out what it is…

My feelings towards FALL semester:  STAY FOCUSED.STAY MOTIVATED.

*Thanks Tell! Hope you’re having fun on your trip right now!


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I told you I have a crush on Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Check out his interview and photos on Esquire May 2009 Edition.
I really like how he talks about his views on movies nowadays and how he speaks his mind about it.


JGL’s photo shoot w/ Claudia Shiffer in GQ Magazine from APRIL 2008. Over a year old…but still looking good.




1. I have to give it up to Claudia Schiffer. She looks AMAZING.

2. I wish I were her in these photos.

View more HERE.

500 Days Of Summer

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I have a new obsession. 500 Days of Summer. I bought the soundtrack and listen to it everyday. I constantly search for new videos on it. I was already a fan of Zooey Deschanel back when she was in Elf. But I now have a crush on JGL (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) who was also in 3rd Rock From the Sun and 10 Things I hate About You.

So during my search online for new things…I came across this…






The art was done by a girl that goes by Starblinx on (Check her out, her stuff is cute!)

Isn’t this CUTE?! LOL And if you haven’t seen the movie…you need to watch it. Let me know when you go…so I can go again hahaha

You can check out more videos of the cast HERE. They made a couple dance videos, interviews and also a mash up video between Sid & Nancy and 500 Days of Summer. It’s pretty funny.


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Friday Adventure

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My cousins from Canada are visiting and some of them got to go on a tour of my brother’s work. Luckily my Mom and I got to tag along. Or…according to my brother…we invited ourselves. Lol I don’t have too many pictures because we had to sign a waiver before we went in about pictures and stuff. So the ones I’m posting are mainly from the lobby area before we got to go in.






The cafeteria is shared between the different companies on campus so I thought it was kind of smart that they had a gift shop there. My little cousins got to pick out some toys…and I got one too!


It was a pretty awesome tour. We also got to see a video reel on the special effects. The theater was pretty damn cool AND it’s where members of the Academy go to view screenings of movies. I’ve seen the old office my bro worked at and that was pretty cool too. Before they opened the campus in SF, he was working in the San Rafael campus. They had a family day and we got to see the area where they did green screen shots, the miniature department and all the models for the special effects.

My brother has a pretty dope job. He’s pretty damn lucky to wake up in the morning excited to go to work. I would be too if I were him. Lol

Thanks for the tour, lunch, and the toy Gaw-Gaw!

Check out some of the things my bro has done.